Rupture of the bond

The fundamental bet of all Middle Ages had been to build the majestic 'cathedral' of the catholicity of the Logos. The whole of the medieval landscape is lit by the ideal of a Reason being extended to dimensions of the faith and of a faith clarifying itself by the reason. In such a universe, our ideas have to be in alliance with the divine Ideas.

alliance, i.e. in the embrace of being and knowing, of subjectivity and objectivity, of faith and reason, of horizontal and vertical dimensions, of the speech of man and the Word of God. When the symbol is still speaking very loud. When the world does not cease singing the glory of God.

The nominalist crisis is profoundly a crisis of Alliance. Maybe somethinglike a crisis of adolescence. Man revealed divine by grace from now wants to be divine by itself. The 'theos' must thus yield to the 'anthropos'
. There is nothing any more but the man to be holder and responsible for the sense!

Philosophy, from now on, does not want to start any more elsewhere but from the 'I'. I think, therefore I am. The foundation is not any more in the bond but in the point. The starting point. Ex nihilo. Shooting up from nothing.
Through its anthropocentric 'copernician revolution' modernity refuses the possibility of a more including sense that itself, and, therefore, the gift of a sense which is not its own production. Compared to the preceding ages, a whole inversion!

The sense is not any more given objectively but is given in subjectivity. There was a space of the total sense able to integrate the particular senses; from now on the disintegrated sense bursts in multiple directions. The bond of sense was given starting from the 'extremes'; now it wants to tie itself starting from the 'middle'. The bizarre was send back towards the extremes of the being; now it invades its heart. The questioning was included in the answer; from now on any answer is diluted in the questioning.

Schizoid disorder
From now on there remains a Tantalum task. To tie up the sense in complete finiteness and to integrate in it what resists a possible meaning. To despair in front of what remains, without recourse, the absolute absurdity.

All had started with the optimistic euphoria of the dream of man completely reconciled with himself. A man able (finally!) to live
by himself and for himself. A man able to break with the 'given' sense for giving himself the sense. A man able to build the 'bubble' of the total sense in radical autonomy.

This dream now broken can wake up the question of knowing if this rupture of the bond does not constitute something like a sin against the ecology of sense. As if the (quasi 'naturally') 'given' sense, once exploded and fragmented, could only leave the artifice of a virtual world. Something like a 'synthetic' sense. A 'substitute' of sense. Marketed under multiple labels.

Having cut the bonds with the theo-onto-logic totality, the schizoid reason is buckled on itself until insanity. Going nowhere round in circles, prisoner of tautology. A reign of vicious circles and impossible tasks. To be yourself your absolute hot source… To found yourself your own bases… Everything can become legitimate because everything can be legitimized. You have thus to play or to fight. To play by closing the eyes on the fact that the rules of the game are only conventional. Or to fight to agree on conventions. But if there is no more a referee?

Lastly, supreme schizophrenic illusion, the impeccable man, i.e. man with the driven back sin. Lost in the question without answer of our modern Camus; “who will forgive us?” With the infantile reflex to hide the fault or to find the culprit out of himself.


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