The tool of progress

It seemed that the Neolithic 'mechanisms' started to function exponentially. The tool is producing the tool which exceeds it. A mass of tools inflates and overflows. An invention causes an more sophistic invention. Increasingly enormous technological waves are following.

mechanist revolution devotes the first triumphs of the exact and rigorous sciences: Galileo, Mersenne, Gassendi, Descartes… From now on the human spirit has its 'tool' to be able to calculate and, therefore, to manufacture every thing.


tool system, a producing exponential system of progress. It spreads out exponentially. Through the mechanist revolution and its industrial prolongation, our modernity obtains a producing exponential tool of abundance ad infinitum. Nothing seems to be opposed any more to the realization of the Cartesian dream: to become Master and owner of nature! From now on, between nature and man something like a third reign is constituted. Promethean. With the measurement worthy of the disproportion of man.

The faith in progress nourishes the growing manufacturing power of man. 'Progressivism' is finally only the ideological superstructure of a gigantic exponential tool system whose operation induces Promethean optimism and maintains the optimist speech of healthy men.

Promethean reign. During long millenia man is a predatory nomad. He is hunting and fishing. He is gathering fruits and seeds. Man lives then in symbiosis with nature. He undergoes its domination. He makes an attempt on nature only within the limits of his vital needs. Only very recently - on the prehistoric time scale - something like a 'take-off' takes place. First very slowly and then more and moreaccelerated. It's called the Neolithic revolution. Man becomes increasingly aggressive towards his natural environment. He builds his world, a different one, in the distance with nature. He is not satisfied any more with gathering, fishing, hunting. He forces the ground to produce. He shuts up his animals. A whole series of changes occur logically. He has to build. He has to be organized. He has to specialize. He has to exchange. He has to defend the city. He has to invent new tools and new possibilities.

From now on there will be as an acceleration which accelerates. During a long time the tool was only one kind of prolongation of the hand of the man. It will take more and more its autonomy . Activated by the energy of the natural elements initially, and by artificial driving energy later. Simple tool first and then tool of the tools. Simple machine first and then increasingly complex machines. The machine substituted for the entire man, for muscles first, then for nerves and reflexes, and finally for his brain. From multi-purpose machines to specialized ones. From machine of force to increasingly cybernetic machine. From automatic machines to automation of whole factories…

You have to get the measure of this third reign founded by man between himself and nature and which from now on is his new realm. The reign of the growth of skill and art. A gigantic system set up gradually, a system of articulation, a tool system. The
exponential producing system of progress. It spreads out in an increasingly growing spiral. Exponential. Could a limit of this increasing expansion of progress even be thinkable? Coupled on the exponential growth of the tool and supported by its euphoria, the ideology of Progress became the impossible to circumvent absolute. That lasted for three centuries. Today the limit, the impossible to circumvent limit, encloses the 'progress' in a regional domain of a total ecology.

Mechanistic intelligibility and praxis constitute the tool for making up tools. Since the prehistoric ages until modernity the historical adventure of the articulating logos is thus dominated by the progress of the tool and the tool system. But does this progress of the tool mean the total progress of the total man?

A postulate went up that nothing exists in nature which cannot be made by Art. According to the archetype of the machine and the engineer. Is thus the secrecy of God finally penetrated? Of course, God remained still necessary, at least at the beginning. Because nothing can start without at least something like a first assembly and an initial flick.

'Nature' started to be sufficient for itself
. Soon it would be able to do so without even the hypothesis of 'God'… Since it's working! Gradually this mechanist intelligibility extended to all the fields of nature, from the infinitely great (planetary systems, galaxies, clusters, quasars…) to the infinitely small (molecules, atoms, particles, elementary particles…), from the simplest facts of physics to the most complex phenomena of life and even of psyche. Recent biological intelligibility on the level of the chemical articulation of the DNA, shows that even the phenomenon of life, apparently the most resistant to mechanism, is itself, three centuries after the advent of mechanism, subjected to its system of intelligibility.

The ideology of the producer-consumer man is equally shared whatever the coloring. It is the ideology of man recreated at the image and the resemblance of the exponential tool and reduced to its economic dimensions. A typically materialist and atheist ideology as marketed by the enlightened 'bourgeois' and set up with the exponential tool system. A same mirage, this one to conquer opulence. A same pursuit of growing production. A same confusion of means and ends. A same fundamental mobile which is interest. A same conception of justice, that is an equitable capacity to consume. A same concern of not blocking the dynamics of the tool, even if it has to be source of injustice. As such, the exponential tool system has
only one and even way
of functioning. In other words, it is not basically suitable for conversion. It is essentially capitalist. It is essentially imperialist. Whatever its owners or its regulators which are variables according to liberalism or socialism.


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