Why isn't it working?

Well it would work
if… So indeed if the including space of the exponential system and the possibilities of this space were infinite. So indeed if the exponential system could function ad infinitum, without never meeting a limit. Such is not the case.

Inside our cave, the ideologies of 'progress' did not cease blinding the spirits to the point they never wondered:
quid of the outside of our system? It is not from inside that the exponential system of our euphorias is threatened. It is from outside
. Because this system is irremediably wedged in the house sheltering it, in the 'oikos' including it, in its 'oikos-system'. Already In its material ecosystem, but more essentially in its spiritual ecosystem.


The exponential system
is wedged within the limits of its including ecosystem. How could it go differently with our system of progress?


The exponentially functioning system calls, in entry, more and more energy, materials and information and delivers, at exit, more and more waste and entropy. However we know today - and if we want to be unaware of it, the facts recall it cruelly - that the possibilities of entry and exit of the exponential tool system are not infinite but finite. They are unrelentingly limited. Limited by a more including system which is itself refractory to exponential growth, the ecosystem. There is an Insurmountable contradiction between the exponential growth of the
included tool system and the homeostasis of the including ecosystem!


We are more and more experiencing impossibility. Not for ideological reasons. Not for epistemological reasons. But
FOR PHYSICAL REASONS! The physical experiment, therefore, of something impossible. Our euphorias of 'progress' are trapped. Physically! As are trapped their common basic reasons. The exponential tool system is wedged in the incompressible finiteness of the ecosystem.

Since the Neolithic revolution our tool system functioned, in a simplified way, in balance of homeostasis. Slowly it became more and more complex. In fact the industrial revolutions deliver it to a galloping exponential growth. The growth of the system is imperative. Its stop would not mean balance but disorganization and dead. As long as the
opening of the system remained occulted, the progressive ideology could be based on an autonomous operation of the system turning by itself and for itself, in self-sufficiency, in the euphoria of its autonomous infinite exponential growth. A producing system of abundance ad infinitum fit for the capabilities of the promethean man. This anthropocentric illusion, founder of progressivism in general and of Marxism in particular, starts to be dissipated. A systemic-dynamic approach, itself caused by facts, reveals the opening of the system. And thus the possible dead ends of its exponential illusion.

The system which functions exponentially calls, in entry, more and more of energy, materials and information and delivers, at exit, more and more of waste and entropy. However we know today - and if we want to be unaware of it the facts us recall it cruelly - that the possibilities of
entry and exit of the system of exponential utility are infinite but not finished. They are unrelentingly limited
. Limited by a system more including system which is itself refractory to exponential growth. Namely the ecosystem. The exponential tool system functions only within the limits of the ecosystem of 'our' earth. However, as exponential it is also of an exponential voracity.

Let us say
energy. It is its fall between a hot source and a cold well which produces work and makes the machine turn. But this fall represents at the same time its irreversible degradation. The good news is that the sun constitutes a practically unlimited source of energy. The bad news is that this energy is not immediately available. There are limits to its sensors. There are also, with regard to its fossilized storage, limits to its reserves. As for nuclear energy, theoretically unlimited, nobody can still say if its control and its exploitation will be able to grow without catastrophic side effects at the rate of the exponential request. As for exploitable materials, their limit is obvious. The quantity of chemical elements, of finished number, run up against the limit of their availability. Their recycling runs up against the limits of the cycles. There remain the exploitation of the richness of other worlds and the massive orbiting of waste in stratosphere… Who does not see their limits?

open system survives only by exchange with a more including system than itself. It receives from outside and rejects towards outside. It functions only between a potential difference. Between a 'hot source' and a 'cold well'. The hot source of information, of energy and of matter. The cold well of entropy and waste. As exponential it is increasingly greedy at the entry and increasingly prolix at the exit! However the possibilities at the entry and at the exit are not infinite. They are unrelentingly limited. Limited by a more including
system which is itself refractory to exponential, that is the ecosystem. A very terrible contradiction between the exponential dimension of the tool system and homeostasis of the including ecosystem.

There is still another approach of an
included system and an including system. Including of the exponential tool there is the vast geo-economic and geopolitical system
of the whole world of men. A vast including system with its resources, its natural wealth, its working capacities, its possibilities of consumption. It includes and contains our total tool system which can function only with full tanks, with important flows, with an increasing consumption and, therefore, with many outlets.

The system of exponential growth exists only moving and continuously growing. It is a process of
enrichment which wants to be without end and which functions primarily for the profit of the holders of the system. At the same time this system is only exponential at the condition that it remains open on both sides of its entries and of its exits. But itself, on the other hand, must remain 'regional'. Because it functions only on a potential difference. It needs a hot source and a cold well. This one is constituted by the vast world of mainly not holders of the system, namely the Third world.


The system forger of progressive euphoria is basically open. It gets closed only while being cut of basic essentials coming only from OUTSIDE. Schizoid narrowness will never finish measuring its enclosure.


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