Wedged exponential growth

The exponential growth of the producing system of abundance is not only wedged within the physical limits of the ecosystem and the geopolitical system but still trapped by an exponential disproportion between the exponential growth of the products of abundance and the
more exponential growth of the human desire. The 'trapped progress' is locked up in an impossible to circumvent limitation. The human desire itself is trapped in this trap. Because a homeostasis between the infinity of the desire and the necessary finiteness of abundance is impossible, all that remains to do for our system of euphoric production is to turn for the pleasure to turn. As if this escaping running were the supreme 'transcendence' possible of our modernity and were sufficient to fill incessantly a frustration started again and again.

You think it is functioning in a space with infinite possibilities. How doesn't it grow infinitely, this exponential system of the possibility of man? What could stop its expansion? It is unthinkable that a limit of any kind could one day stop it. Unthinkable… Thus impossible? Typical illusion of the schizoid man who forgets his finiteness and takes his limits for measure of all possibility.

The exponential tool system functions within the limits of the ecosystem of 'our' earth. As exponential, it is of an
exponential voracity of energy and matter. There is thus a dramatic inadequacy between the necessary limits of our including space and the refusal of limits of our included one! An exponential disproportion! It encounters its absolute impossibility. It is indeed absolutely impossible that an exponential growth can grow infinitely inside an including possibility incomparably less exponential. Inevitably such an system functions for its own blocking. The physic possibility of our universe cannot contain the growth of an infinite 'progress'. Our exponential tool system is thus trapped. So is our infinite progress.

Anthropocentric illusion! The analytical-static approach of the classical economists had hidden the
opening of the system. This is precisely what allowed this progressive ideology to be based on an operation in autonomy of the system turning by itself and for itself, in sufficiency of itself, in the euphoria of its infinite exponential growth for itself. A producing system of infinite abundance in proportion to the disproportion of the Promethean man.

This anthropocentric illusion begins dissipating. After revealing the possible dead ends of an infinite exponential growth. The progressive ideology did not see the 'fence' of our real possibilities and thus did not see there was a gigantic
difference between an 'IN' and an 'OUT', believing falsely there was only one side of the totality and that an infinity was possible on this 'one' side. This is the most gigantic illusion of our modernity. It is the force of the facts which saps this fallacious certainty. And it is the systemic approach which reveals why the facts are right. Never forget the difference between 'included' and 'including'!

The faith in progress is the cardinal belief of modernity. That practically the only form of non-belief not tolerated by modernity is precisely that which questions this belief in progress proves well where the believable took refuge. For the risk to sin against the dominant ideology, it is necessary to refuse the interdicts against clearness.

The tool of progress is wedged physically. But it is wedged as much
morally. Because, basically, of the injustice it produces. And this injustice is of systemic order. Until now the tool system could function exponentially only thanks to the unjust exploitation of most of the human possibilities by the 'masters and possessors' of the system. Look at our world as a whole. Look at the hemispheres of North and of South. Look at different developed countries, regions, cities, districts, quarters, neighborhoods...

But already the tool system of progress is not itself cast solid. It is about a competing unit, with all that implies! The meaning of the word
imperialism was abused too much by the ideologies. In fact, the reality which it recovers is not voluntarist but structural. The 'imperialism' is the fact of any system insofar it is 'large' and 'open'. All the more reason if this system is 'exponential'. Any open system is necessarily imperialist. An alive cell functions only by attacking its environment and, therefore, the other alive ones. The larger the open system, the more 'imperialist' it is. Without going back to the dinosaurs, how much alive beings, large and small, microscopic ones especially, aren't they the daily prey of other living beings? An exponential system will be exponentially imperialist. But such systems exist only transitorily in nature. When nature generates an exponential system, a rabbit proliferation or rats, for example, there never remains exponential ad infinitum. A homeostatic regulation, for example the competing growth of predators, restores balance in a more or less short term. Prometheus alone refuses to aknowledge homeostasis!


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