God driven out and repressed
Of this space of strict 'humanity' God had to be driven out. Symmetrical inversion of the account of Genesis? Too much in the way, therefore, the Judeo-Christian Father, face to a claim of a purely parthenogenetic origin. Too much in the way, the Father of Being, of Good and of Truth since our own productions, our own values, our own clearnesses are largely enough. Too much in the way, outrageousely too much, the Father with his Son and the Holy Spirit!

However you get never finished driving out God. He resists beyond your logic and your coherence which are very shallow. Very deeply, hidden and driven back, a great dramaturgy is playing. A mysterious negative reversed theology! The struggle of Jacob never finishes. Man will never leave without harm. And the fight resumes again and again… The combat continues.

Which God is thus driven out and repressed? Not an abstracted 'divinity', fruit of the reason which the reason can put between brackets or exclude. But 'I am' met concretely and existentially through a historical experience. The modern man protests in vain. He cannot do as if this encounter had not taken place. If the personal experience is refused to him, at least he takes part of it through a historical community. He 'knows'… in the biblical meaning! He 'knows' because the whole of his culture cannot ignore. One does not fight a whole night - as Jacob - with the Other one without marks. From the Judeo-Christian experience western atheism takes a dimension and a significance radically different from what can be observed in other spaces.

Can God be driven out of human depths? Against the vertical rooting, creative of humanity, radical antagonism to schizoid enclosure, eagerness was done extreme. There, out of the extreme depths of human interiority, God was to be driven out with much more violence than of all the external domains. But from there, precisely, God does not let himself be driven out. It is ontologically impossible. You will never be able to expel him. Just as a tree cannot survive cut from its roots. Just as a river cannot refuse its source. It is impossible. You can only repress him.

And the business of repression started to function, through our history, with the logical relentless and the savage energy of the desperate ones. The glory of man was in question, and his power, and his glory.

To the
massive mechanics of repression and the heavy mechanisms of defence, one endeavoured to lend scientific solidity. A meta-history of the 'sciences' known as social, since their most remote origins, would undoubtedly reveal the occult purpose of their 'lucidity' and the extent of the therapeutic eagerness 'to save' man from himself, that is to save him from his divine filiation.

The major reason of the one-dimension of the social sciences, which can reveal only one face of the human mystery, is that, in fact, they are constituted as a negative theology. The right side
of a back side. The back side of a right side. The massive repression testifies negatively to the repressed. The same one shouts negatively the other one. A vacuum of God fills curiously with reversed substitutes of the divine. Where the schizoid totalizing experiences the ultimate narrowing of finiteness, and where it meets the absolute neuter alongside the absolute nothing, is located a decisive point. A point of rupture. But a point of intersection too, and of symmetrical inversion.

Where Alliance calls for imitation - “
be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect” - the anti-alliance contracts itself on a nothing inflated of pride. Cut off the divine Breath and far away from his image, man can just ape God. This unauthentic condition, consequently, swells by mimesis. A conflicting mimesis, because the impossible balance of the schizoid man with God of Alliance can only nourish the resentment. One does not refuse alliance without nourishing repression and violence. And when the look of man on God is perverted, the look of man on man has to be perverted too. Mimetic violence plays in escalation. It conspires. Man is so deeply a child of Alliance that he does not break it without tying pacts based on mimetic vanity.

Modern lucidity would like to live 'only with what one knows'. But do you never know another thing that the one you want to know? In fact our modernity knows more than it does know. It knows on bottom of driven back knowledge. You cannot make as if the biblical and cultural encounter had not taken place. This impassioned embrace with the Other one during so long a love story…


01 Human Paradox
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Human paradox
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