Today aren't we feeling ourselves as 'sons of the same mother' rather than 'conspiring brothers'? Our nostalgias are sedentary, our security is city-dwelling and our certainty gathered behind a line of defense. Our topics are 'shells' rather than vast hostile spaces. Migration frightens us. Maternal archetypes make us feel save.

Harmony gathers us together, adventure divides us. We lost the taste to celebrate the epics of the Father. Our profound desire is dreaming of a return in the maternal womb. Sedentary people inhabited by the phobia of the nomads, we spend our time building protective enclosures and consolidating our defences.

Our tropisms draw us far from extremes towards the middle, towards harmony more than towards disproportion. That '
man passes man infinitely' is incomprehensible to the multitude. We flee the prophets. To the foolish adventure of spirit and heart we prefer the positive natural obviousnesses. We seek our reasons to live and to hope in company of scientists, administrators or ideologists.

The rule makes us feel safe, the exception terrorizes us. Vis-a-vis Abraham ready to sacrifice his son Isaac, Oedipus is so much less worrying! And the God-Nature, the God-Necessity, and even the God-Chance, are so much more reassuring than Yahwe of the Bible.

For our convenience and our utility we were monopolizing history. We thus planned time. We structured its duration. We tamed the events. We defused its provocations. We secured into continuity the urgency of the ruptures and relegated towards insignificance the paschal crossings.

In our reign of symmetries it remains only little space for the adventurers of hope. Our reflexes are for withdrawals. The epics of walking towards the Promised Land invests with a too long run and too remote a term to tempt the middle-class availabilities. The Kingdom to come does not make any more the weight in the balance of the immanent values. Parousia is unceasingly exchanged against arrivals of more immediate profitability. Eschatology opens too radically a too radical future for not traumatizing the mothered children.

In this continent of Utopia, the invitations to tender go to the manufacturers of the best of worlds and the insurers against all the risks. The building sites of the Ideal City are covered with demagogic slogans which conjugate in the present and the future the right for irresponsibility. 'One cares for you' is spread out everywhere in large capital letters. Only some furtive graffiti still say: 'You decide about your freedom'.

This world has to find reasons which must suffice for its obviousnesses, support its coherences and guarantee its lucidities, but to which it is forbidden to doubt oneself and, most of all, to venture elsewhere.

The ideal wants to be a sanitized bubble where reigns the metaphysic vacuum and from where religious concern and the thirst for the extreme significances are driven out. A bubble where dead is practically nonexistent. A bubble where the cries of suffering are smothered. A bubble where chastity yields to hygiene and fecundity to eugenism. A bubble which refuses the grace and the chances of unforeseen events. A bubble where the initiated and and enlightened ones eclipse prophets and saints. A bubble where the gnosis holds the place of faith, progress that of hope and a vague humanitarianism of charity…

Is there any space left, in our world, for the adventurers of eschatology?


01 Human Paradox
A paradoxal animal
Human paradox
In rupture
An animal in crisis
An animal 'less' (something)
Premature and naked
Child of the difference
Child of elsewhere
02 Verticality
Middle and extremes
Tropism to upwards
Divine instinct
The vertical living
Vertical interiority
The personal mystery
In strict immanence
03 Gaping Depths
Gaping deepness
Child of gaping
Gaping on an other order
Gaping of meaning
Gaping on the questioning
Gaping of matter
Gaping of existence
In vertical gaping
Negative anthropology
04 Sacral Difference
Sacral dimension
The sacral difference
Sacral crisis
The archaeological sacred
Sacral verticality
Hiero-tropic space-time
05 Human Environment
Human space
Closed and open
Curvature of space
Negative space
Space of the sense
Including and included
Between Alpha and Omega
06 The Matrix of Humanity
Child of a culture
Human matrix
Culture and cultures
Master speech
Refusing the enclosures
07 The Spirit
The spiritual reality
How define it?
Going through
The spirit says no
08 Spiritual Breath
Spiritual energy
Making sense
To signify
Sense is through gaping
Speech and language
09 The Sense of Sense
The Sense
The space of the sense
The house of the sense
Including and included sense
Master and possessor of sense
10 The Reason
Constituted and constituent
Scientific dialectics
Structure and sense
11 The Meaning
Demiurge of the significances
To run here and there
Trough articulation
Articulable matter
12 Systems Analysis
The system
Systemic operation
13 Oïkology
Impossible closing
Systemic totality
The house of the spirit
We sinned
14 Exodus
Spiritual adventure
Out of safety measures
Out of the cave
Logos in exodus
15 Through Difference
Starting from difference
Crossing the duality
A logic of crossing
16 Dialectics
Going through 'no'
Fundamental dynamics
The fourth dimension
Passover dialectics
17 Alliance
Broken Alliance
Rupture of the bond
The prodigal son
State of grace
18 History
Emergence of History
Impossible totalizing
Trans-historic verticality
The sense in exodus
Between Alpha and Omega
19 Fertile Confrontation
Singular adventure
Dialectical gestation
Two revolutions
A long gestation
20 Progress
What is progress?
Source of The progress
Exponential acceleration
The tool of progrès
Why it isn't working
Wedged exponential growth
Progressive illusion
21 Schizoid
Tautological speech
Master and possessor
Flirt with nothingness
God driven out
Without the Father
Without recourse
22 The Other One
The other one
To tell the other one
23 Adventurers
Components and exponents
Adventurers of eschatology
24 Through Scandal
Gaping mystery of evil
Trough distance
Congenital evil
Entropy in the human hearth
25 Agape
Gaping of Eros
Captive desire
Eros and Agape
Going down
Defeated entropy
26 God in You
Tropism for Agape
Bottomless bottom
Cleaning the sources
Let you fall
You fall into God