Through distance

The silence of God crucifies the faith. You have to read again the Book of Job. When all the obviousnesses seem to be right against the existence of this invisible God! Here is Job torn apart between the absurdity and the speech wanting to rationalize. Isn't the greatest evil not to find the word which carries it? The whole Book of Job is desperate dialog to find such a word. And God himself keeps silent! As if the world were delivered to blind powers. And here is one speaking! But this human word delivered to itself is unable to bring something else than itself. Chitchat. Vain speech.

What an astonishing speech that of the Book of Job, so different from the Dialogs of Plato! In first scene, all walks round and round. Beyond, however, a sense arises. A different sense. It comes in the hollow of the speech. It comes in gaping from a fashionable wisdom. It comes through silence.
I see that you are able to do every thing, and to give effect to all your designs. Who is this who makes dark the purpose of God by words without knowledge? For I have been talking without knowledge about wonders not to be searched out. (Job 42,2-3).

Sometimes he does nothing but pass. You do not recognize him. Or you recognize him too late. Thus in the Book of Genesis, chapter eighteenth, when Abraham accommodates under its tent in Mambre these three mysterious unknown visitors. Strange foreigners who make an incredible promise. A too strong one for Sara. She laughs…

Deus incognitus… The presence of God is not imperative. Neither is his absence. There is no any reason given for or against which does not meet a contrary reason. Enough reasons, as Pascal perceived it, to doubt and enough reasons to believe. Beyond the reasons thus. On the side of freedom.

There are heavy and cumbersome presences. There are the infinitely delicate ones. Some insist. Others are concealed.
A Presence does not cease haunting the human reality. Since there exists a humanity which, without any doubt, would not exist without this presence.

Strange presence of That which we call God. He is there. He is not there. An absence in my fullness. A presence in my faults. It's impossible to lock up this presence right in the middle of your experience and your daily certainties. It returns towards the extreme highs and the extreme depths. The depths especially. More interior in you, as saint Augustin says , than you are yourself in you.

Why is God through so long a distance? Why is it necessary to go beyond yourself to meet the alive God? This distance must be for a encounter in greater truth. God does not want to be present to man in the manner of a master key. His presence is the opposite of that, neutral and indifferent, of a 'thing' on which one can put the hand anywhere, any time and anyhow. God wants to be sought. God wants to be found. God wants to be met.

This distance is for a crossing. It opens the space of your freedom. Man is not made for the definitive answers. He is not made to live behind fences. He is made for the open one. Man is a walking being who is truly himself only through this research and does achieve himself only in this encounter. But the distance remains always so large that nobody will be able to ever say: I met God, once and for all! The discovery is infinite. It is a task always to be started again. It remains permanent challenge.

This distance is for the going beyond. It is necessary to seek God at the vertical of yourself. God, in you, is always further in front of you and thus forces you to go further yourself. God is in your infinite distance so that through this distance you grow yourself infinitely with the disproportion of God. This distance is also for the transparency. It opens you to the mystery of
humor which is also that of God.

Provoked out of the cave… God is not in the cave. God is not in any cave. You have to go out to meet him. Plato suspected the reasons of our blindnesses. The play of the 'shades' is sufficient for the recreations of the cave-dwellers and the concerns to their managers.It seems to occupy the total field of the relevance. Only the one who decides to quit his first facilities can be allured by the true light. He has to dare leaving the cave. Then he will suffer a long dazzling. Few are ready to venture on such inhospitable paths and run this risk.

The totality of reality is not unidimensional. God is not in continuity with our immediate possible. You can meet him only through ruptures. There are heterogeneous orders. There are thresholds. There are distances.
The infinite distance from the bodies to the spirits, writes Pascal, represents the infinitely more infinite distance from the spirits to Charity

In hollow… We are thus made, we need to embrace. All our external and interior senses, all our physical and spiritual faculties, want 'to seize'. To see. To feel. To touch. To perceive. To test. To check. To understand. But God does not let himself monopolize. He does not let himself
seize. Perhaps he will simply allow you to touch him with the end of a finger. And not without a small reproach. Like apostle Thomas.

Our obviousnesses nourish from 'contact'. Intellectual searches, inner debates, logical argumentations… We are only satisfied when things 'hold together'. But God does not cease to 'escape'! God is not where our fullness is. God is in the vacuum
between the lines. In its way the absence of God is more 'speaking' that his presence. And our silence on Him can be eloquent.

Perhaps the only possible true theology is remaining
negative for ever. Of the divine mystery it can never but say: It is not that. The Other one... In the hollow of the doubt can spout out a nourished cry of certainty.

Silence... See Elias is in the mountain Horeb. Here passes the breath of God. Here passes the Spirit.
Then the Lord went by, and mountains were parted by the force of a great wind, and rocks were broken before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind. And after the wind there was an earth-shock, but the Lord was not in the earth-shock. And after the earth-shock a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire, the sound of a soft breath. (1 Kings 19,11-12). A soft breeze… Only a soft breeze...


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