Gérard Eschbach, a Dominican priest, of French nationality, doctor in philosophy, theology assistant, arts graduate, from the priory saint Jacques in Paris.

The author is at home in our vast world. He was working for long years, as well in Africa as in Europe and America. A certain number of study trips, in addition, put him in contact with Asia and Australia.

Here some of the main themes which stimulated his reflection during the last fifty years. Faith and atheisms. Cultural differences. Christian anthropology. Modernity and post-modernity. Mystic and mystics.

The author is conscious that he learned more on his own condition of Westerner outside of Europe than in middle of it; and that meeting differences is always a wonderful chance.

On this subject, heunderlines how determining his African experience was for him. During more than ten years indeed, between 1969 and 1980, he directed the CERC (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Chrétiennes / Christian Research and Study Centre) in Brazzaville. Through seminars, public courses, lectures, conferences and publications, he was given a marvellous opportunity to meet hundreds of open spirits to share another word than that of the dominant ideology. An astonishing experience of freedom where the 'sense' of humanity could be breathed so intensely.

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